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10 Reasons to stay at The Post House Country Hotel

I recently stayed at a charming little country boutique hotel in an equally charming little village – The Post House in Greyton. Writing this blog, I thought I should make it as simple for you all to understand how important it is that YOU go there too!

So here are a few good reasons…

1. Greyton is a mere 90mins drive from Cape Town. So turn up the music, have amazing company and just go. The countryside is always so appealing to me (as are seaside holidays!) as you get to completely unwind and just take in the beauty of being close to nature. All just around the corner from the Mother City!


2. The Post House is possibly the best bed and breakfast accommodation in the village! And I am not just saying this… I took a leisurely walk through the streets of Greyton and there are some charming spots in the town, but The Post House is firmly the heart of it all. Read on and you’ll see why…

photo 2

3. Near-perfect service… I truly believe that this is the cornerstone of any establishment and The Post House gets it on point! From the moment I arrived, everything felt just right, as if I were visiting a friend – that’s how comfortable I was! The general manager insisted I have a room with a magnificent Victorian bath as, she said, I am a mom and probably don’t always have the luxury of soaking in a Healing Earth bubble bath without a little voice calling me all the time. Yes, she was right. I needed it.

The Post House_Bubble Bath

4. Comfortable rooms with a tasty little coffee/tea station. The rooms are modern, lovely and cosy with all the basic amenities of a 4-star boutique hotel. The bite-sized homemade lavender cookies were delightful and I considered pocketing a few for the kid (I didn’t though, but I will return with my family!)

Post House Bed

5. If you’re an avid foodie, you NEED to dine at the restaurant! Chef Grant Lynott, who has worked with Bertus Basson of Overture, has taken The Post House kitchen and Greyton itself to a whole new culinary level! Country fine-dining has never looked this good and one can anticipate great (and tasty) things coming out of the kitchen going forward. Chef Grant took the time to chat after service while we enjoyed a delicious dessert and coffee and the warmth of the fireplace.

The Post House Food

6. No TV… Yes, I have listed the lack of a television as a reason to visit! It goes without saying that we spend our lives staring at a screen of some sort. To have just one less screen to distract you from the beautiful surroundings at The Post House is absolutely blissful. Play a board game, read a good book or just have a conversation with your loved ones in the tranquil courtyard. The possibilities are endless!

photo 1

7. Bedtime treats… If you’ve stayed at good hotels, you’ll know that one of the highlights of returning to your room in the evening is the turndown surprise, right? I always love seeing what little surprises await and The Post House did not disappoint. The Von Geusau chocolate was a decadent treat as was the night time reading of the Desiderata. A chocoholic and avid reader’s heaven. Incidentally, Greyton is home to the iconic Belgian chocolate-maker, Richard von Geusau – this should be a reason to visit on its own!

VonGeausau Chocolates

8. The Post House Country Hotel history The hotel was originally built in 1860 and is one of the oldest buildings in Greyton.The main building was used as a trading post and lodging for tired travellers. The Post House country pub, which is well known for the Bells whiskey advert, was also once Greyton’s post office – at this point it would be apt to say, “Give that man a Bells!” Watch the advert HERE

9. Delicious Country-style Breakfasts Oh the luxury of a delicious cooked breakfast served with a friendly smile and a strong Puro coffee. This was definitely one of my favourite experiences during my stay. It could be yours too!

The Post House Breakfast

10. Beatrix Potter-inspired room names It was the sweetest thing! Memories of reading about the adventures of Peter Rabbit all came back to me with such clarity. All rooms are named after a particular character… Mine was Mrs Flopsy Bunny. Just adorable and delightfully whimsical.

Mrs Flopsy Bunny

So what are you waiting for…?! Book your stay NOW at The Post House Greyton bed and breakfast accommodation as they have some amazing winter specials.

Tel: (028) 254 9995

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  1. A definite must see and stay then…:-)

  2. How inspirational, I feel like have already been on a mini vacation just for reading the blog/review of The Post House.

    Yes please!

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